Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Divorce Decree Posted by Picasa

The Divorce Decree Posted by Picasa

The Divorce Decree Posted by Picasa

The Divorce Decree Posted by Picasa

The Divorce Decree Posted by Picasa

The Divorce Decree Posted by Picasa

The Divorce Decree Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 09, 2005


I'm still here. I haven't had much to blog about. Plus, I'm a little distracted raising a seven month old baby boy. Those of you who have kids know what that's like.

My divorce is final.

My ex-wife had testified that she broke up with her Quixtar IBO boyfriend to do what was in the best interest of our son. The day after the ruling she was back with him. Gratefully her tricks and lies didn't work with the judge. I think she already has plans to marry this guy, who just finalized a divorce himself. Wonder why his wife divorced him? Quixtar maybe?

The bad thing is they are living together, contrary to the court order that she not cohabitate with men around my son. She is also taking advantage of me. She has him for five weeks in the summer. When she has visitation she is giving my son to my daycare and not paying them, so I had to take him out. She also would not pay for his food and diapers when he was in daycare. Once again her financial irresponsbility is affecting me. So, it looks like I'm going back to court. I'm meeting with my attorney Monday, we will ask for the judge to clarify some of her financial responsibilities and we will charge her with purgery, all in an attempt to stop her antics.

I tried to call the boyfriend to tell him the seriousness of them cohabiting. He started yelling at me and wanted me to fight him. I said I would love to, but I'm not stupid enough to get thrown in jail and lose custody. After the phone call, he called the police anyway and said I threatened him. Then my ex-wife jumped on that bandwagon and filed a false police report for whatever reason, I don't know. I didn't do anything to her.

It was a game. She was trying to get control again. For example, she is responsible for all transportation. She asked the police to ask me to come to where she lives to exchange our son. I told the police, no. The police don't make laws, they enforce them. The judge had made the law and I was following it. The police could do nothing. So, her game didn't fly. The police asked us all not to communicate by phone anymore. That was really stupid on her part. I was giving her all kinds of privileges to visit and see him beyond what the judge allowed. After her antics all the priviledges have stopped. She can't even call me to say she misses him and wants to visit.

Anyway, that's the kind of crap I'm going to have to deal with for the rest of my life. Joy.

As far as posting stuff...I found out it costs me $3.10 a page for the transcript, which I'm sure is hundreds of pages, as we were in court for four days. I'm still trying to pay off my attorney and court costs, which are over $20,000. So, it may be a while. I'll try to post the final divorce papers, some depositions, and recorded phone calls I have, when I can get around to it.

Thanks for all the support!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Juicy Detail, Previously Mentioned

I had an excellent day in court back on April 19 and we were feeling pretty confident. I was upset that the judge delayed her defense to June 2. She had shown up with her boss from her real J-O-B, as her only witness. When they arrived to court and realized that I was launching a massive attack on Quixtar with Cathleen Mann and Eric Scheibeler, she was able to get one of her upline, Adam, to come to court. He was the jerk who had moved in next door to her and had once kicked me out of her house. That was the extent of her defense, and now she would have a month and a half to mount a defense. So I was a little worried.

The next morning a got a secret phone call from her boss. She said her conscience had gotten to her and that there were things going on that I was not aware of, that was not in the best interest of Jonas. We met for lunch that day. She handed me my ex's employee file and three pages of questions she had taken the time to write out, to ask her in cross examination and that she would tell the truth. We went ahead and deposed her boss and the files. In court she told the truth and it was extremely damaging.

After the ruling that I would have full custody, my ex was devastated. Where did she go? To family? Nope. She went to her Quixtar "adopted mother", Evelyn. This lady called my ex's boss and chewed her out, blaming her for the loss. Well, my ex quit her J-O-B, even though she has to pay me $70 a week in child support. And, of course, she went to her Quixtar meeting this week.

She has standard visitation, despite the recommendation by my son's Ad Litem attorney to have more. Basically, that is every other weekend, four and half hours one night a week, five weeks in the summer, and shared holidays. If we can not agree on the night each week for visitation, the court forces it to be Tuesday night, which is Quixtar night. I can't decide if I should force her to have him that night to make a choice between him and Quixtar or let her continue in Quixtar and suffer until she figures it out for herself.

She still is blaming everyone, especially me, for the loss. She claims I paid the judge off, that he is an idiot. She said that any man who takes a child from its mother, will burn in hell. That includes me. She asked if I had paid off my "attorney whore". Despite the explicit ruling of why she lost and the powerful testimony against Quixtar, she can't accept the truth and take responsibility for her actions.

As my father says, "one must want the consequences of what one wants".

Cleaning Up My Blog

I decided to remove some of my posts that offended people. There are plenty of blogs out there that criticize Quixtar and the full spectrum of feelings, including my own, are expressed. The intent of my blog is to tell my story, more than posting my personal views and thereby insulting anyone. I think I've been obviously frustrated. But, now I have a huge wait lifted from my shoulders. Relief, is what I would describe my feelings as, now that the case is over.

I just wanted to prepare my blog for some possibly heavy traffic, once I begin to post the details. I'm thinking of removing any content that has nothing to do with Quixtar, scanning the documents, and sending them to Scott Larsen, Eric Scheibeler, and Eric the Quixtar Blog guy. If they want them? Anyone else? Any suggestions? Their websites could handle the massive amount of content and people could more easily view them. I will comment and discuss with folks here on the blog. To be honest, I'm not a computer tech guy and I'm overwhelmed with improving my blog to handle all the info I have. Unless a fellow blogger wants to help me, I would give them access to my site.

Remember folks, I have a very demanding full-time job. That is why I don't post daily and keep this thing up the way I want. But, I'll do my best.

Friday, June 03, 2005

I WON !!!!!!

I won custody of my son today! Take that, you Quixtar criminals! Judge Scott ruled today that the lifestyle of my Quixtar IBO, now ex-wife, was unstable and not responsible. He slammed Quixtar in his ruling. He had nothing but praise for my normal lifestyle.

I want to float on cloud nine for now, but I will post more details.

Thank you to all, for your support and prayers.

Beware Quixtar, a precedence has been set!

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

My Case is Getting Interesting

Two days from now, my case should be over, hopefully. When my wife showed up a month in a half ago, she had just her boss to testify. Unfortunately my case went all say and her defense was postponed. So, now she has about ten witnesses. Mostly people to testify defending Quixtar. She found some people from another state who are friends of the Quixtar IBO who moved in next door to her, the same guy who kicked me out of her house, and is just an all around royal jerk. He has that look of pure evil. Anyway, he has some friends who are former Quixtar IBOs still sympathetic to Quixtar. They'll testify there's nothing wrong with Quixtar.

She has a huge defense planned. So, the odds for me aren't as good as they were before. We'll just have to see who the judge believes.

One thing is for sure, there is a definite bias for the mother in the legal system. Even though the state law clearly states there is to be no prejudice based on sex of the parent. I have to overcome a lot. I think my judge is better than most. But, I know for a fact that if you reversed the circumstances with the parents in my case, it would be a "slam dunk", against me as the father, no question about it. So, hopefully it will go good for me. I'll keep everyone posted one way or the other.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Props to QBlog

I was reading over at QuixtarBlog. I really love that site. I was confused for a while thinking he (Eric) was the same Eric Scheibeler. I figured out later that was not so. Eric S. has a couple of his own sites, which I hope to get more involved in, once my legal case is over. We've talked about putting my story on his site and maybe doing some other things.
Back to QuixtarBlog. That site always gets my thoughts going. Unfortunately, I have a lot on my mind these days. I'm constantly thinking deeply about Jonas' and my situation. I hope I don't just "snap" someday, and they have to put me in a nut house.
I started this blog, in part thanks to QBlog. I've since gone back and have read from day one of his blog, and it was scary how similar some of my own posts are to his. I could tell that he once was mulling things over in his head with all this Quixtar crap and his wife's involvement, much like I am now. It's neat to see the evolution of his site to what he represents for the Quixtar forum today. Without a doubt he has mad writing and computer skills. I'm very jealous. I'm afraid it's painfully obvious I'm lacking in those departments. In college I got out of the required computer class, by asking my department head to accept a business leadership class I wanted to take instead. And, English, grammar, spelling, etc. was always my worse courses, even though there are successful authors and poets in my family.
Tonight I was reading a QuixtarBlog post and some comments from Michael a pro-Quixtar blogger and Rocket an anti-Quixtar frequent visitor. There are some QuixtarBlog posts that seem to really get the two sides going. I love them! I really have to hold back on some of the things I want to say. These Quixtar IBOs really get my blood boiling sometimes. It makes you want to rip your hair out, they are so freakin' brainwashed. As soon as I feel I get it out of my system by posting comments, some new guy from Quixtar gets on there thinking he is going to post some revolutionary comment and it's just another "tape speak" very basic thought, we've all heard a million times. It makes me want to give up!
But, then I think of what happened to me and my family, and I want to come on here and try and help someone avoid the nightmare I have experienced. I haven't posted frequently, like I know many wish I would. I due have a very successful professional career and the cutest kid in the world to take care of outside of this blogging forum. But, I appreciate the support from all. It's incredible to think people outside my family and friends, that are complete strangers would say and due the kind things that have transpired since my ordeal started.
I have been holding back a lot of information on purpose. Once the case is over, I'll have a treasure chest of information that can be used to help people get out and avoid Quixtar all together.
Finally, back to that post I was reading tonight. I want to really dig into the psychological reasons why people even listen day one to the IBO who prospects them, why they slide deep into the fog of mis-information, lies, and deception. Why they allow themselves to become brainwashed? Why they think and say the things they do? Why they'll defend this crap until they can't remember anymore "tape speak" and don't have any original thoughts on the subject and quickly disappear from the internet; or as my wife and her IBO associates do, they hang up on me or tell me to leave or they'll just leave and call me childish names as they go?
I think about this stuff all the time. I never thought in a million years, this crap would affect me the way it has. It didn't take more than ten minutes of my brain before last year. Now it consumes me!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Happy Anniversary!

It's been one year since I married my beautiful wife. It blows my mind to think that one year ago I was in Maroma, Mexico (paradise) and the happiest I had been up to that point in my life.

Ironically, my attorney asked me to come by today and sign an amended complaint from legal separation to divorce (I'm divorcing her for sleeping with a fellow Quixtar IBO). Happy anniversary, honey!

On another note, I heard something new, I thought everyone might find interesting. She testified in court and she mentioned again this week that she had to do "interviews" for Quixtar. Yes, she said she didn't want just anybody working under her. She said in her deposition these "interviews" last 30-40 minutes and in court she testified they took 15-20 minutes.

I'm wondering if this is what you Quixtar IBOs call recruiting these days. It's obviously just more deceptive recruiting tactics. Throw in some charismatic leaders that they idealize and some insider lingo and information, and you have the three key and required ingredients for a cult.

Let me get this straight, you interview people to start their OWN, INDEPENDENT business. Right. Funny, real funny, I actually laughed, when she said it. She responded by saying my "puny" mind couldn't comprehend this (more childishness). I tried to ask her some more questions about this, but she just hung up on me.

I think Qblog had a link to a guy's online journal post, saying he had an "interview" with Quixtar. "Dave On The Road" (the only IBO I respect) had defended him from comments warning him about Quixtar, saying that the interview was more likely at the corporate offices. Well Dave, I think this is just the next tactic BWW is using to scam people into Quixtar. BEWARE!